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Do you have a song to share?

Whether it’s at a conference, on the website, via e-mail, on the phone, or even a chance meeting with a subscriber at the airport, the most common question we get about Song Discovery is, “Can I submit one of my own songs?” The answer is, yes. You can submit your songs to be on Song DISCovery. Please do.

It is our hope to represent songwriters and worship leaders who are penning songs in the context of their home churches. In other words, we want to hear the songs that you’ve written and your church sings. Then we want to help you get those songs out to others.

Submit to Song Discovery Music Service

Use this form to upload an MP3 if you are interested in being considered for Song Discovery, the music delivery service that goes out with each issue of Worship Leader magazine.

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Submit to Song of the Day

Use this form to upload a video link if you are interested in being considered as a featured Song of the Day on (If you want to provide the chord chart for free, please also include that in the form.)

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What are the criteria for Song Discovery?

We have made every effort to make sure the things you care about are part of the refining process.
View Criteria

What are we looking for?

Visit our Criteria page to get a better understanding of what we are looking for, but here are some questions you can ask yourself as you compose and rewrite your song intended for use in a service of worship.

Is it singable?
Is the melody memorable?
Is the key singable for a congregation?
Do we sing the important words on the downbeat?
Is there a melodic hook?

Is it scriptural?
Is there confusion about the Trinity?
Does it praise God without reinforcing the reason we sing?
Is God the subject and object of the song?
Is there a call to action?
Does it ask too much of those who might be suffering?
Does it ask too much of those who might have a disability?
Does it proclaim truth?
Does it tell Gods story as revealed in the Bible?
Are the metaphors accurate in light of the Cross?
Does it allow singers to realize that they are part of a global body of Christ?

What does the title mean? Is it true?
What does the chorus say? Is it true?
Do the verses support the chorus?
Is it universal enough to fit an entire congregation?
Is it personal enough that people can own the prayer?
Are there any cultural clichés?
Are there Christian clichés?
Are the lyrics fresh and poetic?
Is there diversity in the song’s construction?
Are there any misunderstandings of words or subtle confusions?
Are there any confusing or unclear phrases?
Is there a strong central theme?

Does the production enhance or distract?
Is the music fresh?
Are there musical clichés?
Is the music aware of the styles of current culture, both in and out of the church?
Is the music aware of the rich history of style in the Church’s historical hymnody?

Is it an “I” song?
Is it a “we” song?
Is it to God?
Is it about God?
Is it doctrine heavy?
Is it emotion heavy?
Is it guitar driven?
Is it piano driven?
Is it led by a man?
Is it led by a woman?
Does it represent a culture or sound different from the dominating sound?


Mail Submissions:

We prefer digital submissions, but we do accept songs via mail. If you would like to submit a song via snail mail, please include the following:

* CD featuring your song(s) – All songs on a submitted CD will be evaluated. You will not receive the CD you send back, so please make sure it is not your only one.)
* Lyric Sheet
* Contact Information – Name, Email, and Phone Number
* Song Detail (only required for Song Discovery submissions) – Original Key, Scripture Reference, CCLI# if available, Songwriter(s) Name, Copyright Information for both recording (p)©, and for the lyrics ©, and Website for more information

When you have prepared the above package, please send to:
Song Discovery Submissions c/o Jeremy Armstrong
29122 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite 210
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


While we listen to every song submitted, due to the number of submissions, you will only hear back from us if your song has been selected for coverage a Song Discovery volume (new volumes are chosen every two months) or as a song of the day.
Yes, we listen to multiple submissions. Please keep in mind for the Song Discovery submission that we may ask songwriters to be open to suggestions when the song meets every criterion, but falls short in a single category.
We serve 20,000 Worship Leader magazine subscribers so we are here to discover the best of the best worship songs picked from among thousands of submissions. The Song Discovery listening panel uses the following criteria for appraising songs submitted to Song Discovery:

1.  Creative.
Is it a well-constructed song?
We do not modify the production in any way – how you hear it is how it goes on the CD. So the “quality” should be that of a master. As well, the song is listened to see if it has the strength lyrically to be modified to fit a multitude of congregational settings. What is the song good for? The song needs to serve a function in the worship service, i.e.: offertory, communion, main congregational worship portion of the service, benediction, choral, special number, etc.

2.  True.
Is this song authentic to the community/author? Our subscribers belong to diverse worship communities, so we are looking to find what truth is being spoken to the represented community.

3. Biblical.
Is this song authentic to the Scripture?
Above all else this criterion is most important. We need to make sure the lyrical content is doctrinally sound before it is presented to congregations to be sung over people in worship services.

We customized our ad packages to help independent artists like you get your new music/project in front of our audience. For rates and info, please contact Alissa Smith at 615-678-8958 /