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Song Discovery 136, September/October 2017

Dear Song Discovery Family,
This month’s Song Discovery is quite varied in its musical stylings. That’s because true worship knows no singular musical genre. We’ve earnestly attempted to select the best new worship offerings for your use in worship leading or inspirational song presentation. We’ve also purposed to balance both guitar-led songs with piano-led offerings and bring you songs with both male and female vocalists. Several of the selections are taken from new label releases. Others have been chosen from songs submitted from both independent labels and individuals. One of these songs, “Forever Changed”, was submitted to us at the National Worship Leader Conference in Virginia this past summer. The artist/songwriter is a worship leader in Northern Virginia and just happened to drop off his CD to us.
There is a big world of worship out there. We value all expressions of worship, whether they be local, regional, national, or international. The most important criterion is that the songs point heavenward.
Thank you for your support of Song Discovery. It is our prayer that some of this material will be useful to you in the edification of your church.
– The Song Discovery Team

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