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Part of the Worship Leader Media suite of resources. At Song Discovery, we carefully sift through the vast amount of music being produced in the Church today and share the songs that most impact you.

It is a place for you to discover new songs and obtain the necessary resources with the purpose of leading a service of worship, encouraging your congregation to sing their prayers as the body of Christ.

For years Song Discovery has delivered the best/freshest new music for your Sunday service of worship delivered along with Worship Leader magazine. And now you’ll get the same valuable selection service, only faster, easier and with double the content plus the limitless resource possibilities of the Song Discovery Hymnal.

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Downloadable as well as delivered via CD, each Song Discovery volume gives you up to 12 songs for your service of worship, complete with chord charts and lead sheets, ready for you to share with your team and congregation.

Song Discovery is delivered 6 times a year and comes bundled with Worship Leader magazine.

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Worship Leader is uniquely positioned to discover the newest worship offerings in the world today. There is more music available today than ever before. Traditional labels, independent recording artists, church projects, and more are creating exciting and powerful music designed for congregational singing and personal devotion.

Through Song Discovery, the Worship Leader team filters and selects the songs that will most impact you and your community and highlights a new song every day for you to bring into your church’s musical worship (see our song selection criteria). Bookmark the site or sign up for the weekly newsletter to get caught up on a week’s worth of new music every Friday.

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The New Song Discovery Hymnal expands your choices exponentially. This expansive and ever-growing collection of songs, with both free and purchased resources, takes worship to another level and offers you greater musical discovery and timeless beauty.

The SD Hymnal is filled with every song that has been on Song Discovery as well as new music added daily, expertly curated with worship leaders in mind. Our processes are there to make sure you feel confident that the work has been done, the songs that you hear are not pulled from a hat, they are refined until you have the best there is to offer.

The new Song Discovery Hymnal spans millennia with more choices across genres, generations, and nations. With songs from the dawn of time and earliest books in the Bible, through the Church’s first centuries, right up to the present and beyond, plus songs previously featured on Song Discovery. And every song is cross-referenced by multiple criteria, including Scripture, author (when known), tempo, date of creation, service and musical function, connection to either Church or national calendar events and so much more.

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Song Discovery is your access to the newest music produced by the Church today!

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What are the criteria for Song Discovery?

We have made every effort to make sure the things you care about are part of the refining process.
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Song Discovery is filled with music from the local church. We listen to every song that is submitted.
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