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Where Do I Start?

Start here! More than a magazine subscription, Song Discovery is a magazine AND music subscription that gives you congregationally-proven songs and song resources along with each issue of Worship Leader magazine.

It is a place for you to discover new songs and obtain the necessary resources with the purpose of leading a service of worship, encouraging your congregation to sing their prayers as the body of Christ.

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How do we choose songs?

At Song Discovery, we are searching for songs that can become the sung prayers of a congregation, and as such these songs are vastly important.

We have made every effort to make sure the things you care about are part of the refining process, ensuring that this resource is optimized so that all the time you give to it has immediate and sought after results.

Here are some of the things that are our priorities, so that you are best served as you lead and serve your worshiping community.

Song Discovery Selection Criteria

Number of Songs (And Growing)
Number of Songwriters (and Growing)
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